Wursta’s value-driven support team is growing

Jessica King
  • 7 min read

Over the past year, we’ve been busy adding the right team members to the Wursta organization to better champion the growth of our clients. Today, we can see the investment in client-facing teams resulting in quicker response times and deeper product knowledge. We understand that saving time (and money) is critical to your success, so we are focused more than ever on helping you resolve issues faster.

One of the most impactful improvements you will see in 2021 is access to our broadened group of support engineers who are available to dive deep into more complex issues. Not only are we now able to provide quicker response times, but we have been able to greatly enhance our overall technical knowledge bank and value. Our entire team of Google experts is eager to help. We hope you are pleasantly surprised by the improvements we’ve made (and will continue to make) to grow alongside you!

Providing the most value with Wursta Premium Support

We are very excited to now offer a new tier of upgraded support called Wursta Premium Support. Investing in resources across this area of the business has allowed us to expand our service offering for those who need it most. This enhanced technical support means we can now provide quality, 24/7 admin support for your business. The following is included in Wursta’s new Premium Support offering:

  • Clearly defined SLA response time limits
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and escalations
  • Prioritization of tickets
  • Monthly case reviews for your organization
  • Enhanced phone support
  • Operational optimization

When it comes to your technology toolkit, we’re here to help navigate the nuances for you. We offer expert advice on your core applications within Google Workspace. We know how important it is to talk to someone, so phone support is included in our premium offering. If we need to escalate an issue, we have an additional channel to assist in finding a solution. Each month, we will review cases to check for recurring issues. Overall, this offering will help you shorten downtime and better utilize your applications.

Wursta is here to help

As a Google Premier Partner, Wursta’s team has completed over 1000 successful deployments and walked clients through just as many changes, roadmap sessions, and support tickets. We are here to help your business succeed through identifying strategic business initiatives in collaboration design, training, security, and GCP.

If you have any questions about our support and service offerings, your account manager would be more than happy to assist in providing more information. If you’re not currently a Wursta customer, let’s connect.