Zero Trust Security: Deep Dive into BeyondCorp Enterprise with Google

BeyondCorp is Google’s implementation of the zero trust model. Within this framework, IT professionals shift access controls from the network perimeter to individual users. This enables a secure virtual environment from any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

However, implementing this on your own is more difficult than you’d think, and requires constant attention. Security experts at Wursta have been focusing on zero trust for years, specifically working with Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise platform.

Wursta is partnering with Google to deliver a BeyondCorp Enterprise demonstration. This deep dive will show you the product in action so you can apply it to your team, with high-level use cases and expert knowledge on why zero trust is the security framework that’s here to stay.


  • What is zero trust?
  • How does BeyondCorp help you work safer?
  • Examples and use cases of organizations using BeyondCorp
  • Questions about BeyondCorp

Date: Thursday, June 16th
Time: 2:30 PM Eastern
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free

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Dylan Zuniga
Cloud Technical Resident,


Pete Hoff
VP of Cybersecurity and Risk,