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Here at Wursta, we thrive on fine-tuning processes and improving operating procedures. We believe that taking manual work off your shoulders is freeing. After all, less time spent on time-consuming tasks leaves more time for strategic planning, driving initiatives forward and improving operational flow.   When someone leaves your company, do you work through the usual […]

Wursta is a Premier Google Partner, but Google is not our only partner. We support the best-of-breed tools that benefit our customers, and for many, that includes Wursta is pleased to announce the launch of three new services to support your productivity and collaboration with These new services align with Wursta’s mission to […]

BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data. Google recently announced upcoming changes to BigQuery’s commercial model, including the introduction of: Google also announced new BigQuery editions with 3 pricing tiers: You can pick the right feature set for individual workload requirements, and mix and match for […]