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As written in a recent Wursta blog, cybersecurity risks are currently higher than they’ve ever been, and lower than they ever will be. Every dollar spent on a service like vCISO is one less dollar you have to spend on something else, such as an upgraded firewall. Why then would a vCISO make sense?  It […]

At the beginning of April, we hosted two events focusing on small business security. While these sessions were focused on small businesses and companies with limited resources, anyone can use this knowledge to brush up on security best practices.  Our first event was an overview of cloud fundamentals, specifically focusing on how Google Cloud is […]

Businesses today face the pressure of being available and accessible 24/7. This stressor mainly falls on the business technology and infrastructure, or more specifically, on IT leadership. One way to guarantee as much availability as possible is by minimizing downtime during disruptions and ensuring business continuity. What is business continuity?  To keep it simple, business […]