Beyond the AI Hype: Building an AI Playbook for Your Organization

Beyond the AI Hype: Building an AI Playbook for Your Organization


65% of executives see AI as a game-changer. But how do you jump from ideas to impact?

Watch this webinar to learn how organizations are bridging the gap between AI hype and real-world solutions. You’ll hear from Deok Filho an AI Customer Engineer with Google discussing the business landscape for AI. Wursta’s AI specialists will showcase custom AI solutions we’ve built for clients and they’ll discuss the process for creating a tailored AI Playbook. Register today!

In this session we’ll cover:

    • The business landscape: Discussion around the challenges businesses face getting AI into production, how AI unlocks new possibilities, and pricing models.
    • AI Essentials: We’ll review the spectrum of AI models, highlighting the differences between predictive & generative models.
    • See AI in action: Get inspired by real-world examples of custom AI solutions Wursta has executed for clients.
    • Develop a customized AI Playbook: Explore our Wursta AI Workshop methodology to tailor AI implementation for maximum ROI.
    • Live Q&A: Ask AI experts and receive real-time feedback
    • Leave ready to act: Walk away with actionable takeaways to jumpstart your AI journey

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Deok Filho Headshot
Deok Filho

AI Customer Engineer, Google
Brazilian by birth, Filho has lived in the frigid winter of Chicago at Northwestern University and the scorching heat of Texas. As a Customer Engineer at Google, Filho focuses on helping customers train, tune, and prompt AI models.

Matt Howitt Headshot
Matt Howitt

Sr. Solutions Architect - Cloud + AI, Wursta
Howitt's journey in tech started at Apple, a foundational experience in learning. Following that, he assumed various roles in client services, leading up to his time as the CTO at TwoThirtySix and now as a Sr. Solutions Architect on the Wursta team.

DJ Karasek_headshot
DJ Karasek

Sr. Solutions Architect - Cloud + AI, Wursta
Karasek's coding journey began with pixelated adventures in Visual Basic and quirky chatbot experiments, way back when dial-up was the cutting edge. This early fascination evolved into leading engineering teams at TwoThirtySix and spearheading AI initiatives at Wursta.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re a forward-thinking business leader eager to capitalize on AI’s potential
  • You’re curious about applying AI to your organization but unsure where to start
  • You’re ready to unlock new efficiencies and drive growth with cutting-edge technology

Don’t miss this chance to gain a strategic edge in the age of AI.