Author: Brian Burchanowski

Generative AI has been making a lot of headlines. From seemingly daily announcements by Google about new AI products and features, to broad generalizations in the news about how AI is going to revolutionize the way we work, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. To unpack all of this information, we’ll define what exactly […]

Google Workspace is user friendly, which greatly eases the transition for users. However, it doesn’t entirely negate the need for change management (CM). In this blog post, we explore the top 6 common myths driving organizations to skip CM and what the outcomes are likely to be… versus what occurs with a well-structured approach to […]

The process of managing documents and creating workflows through Cloud providers can be tedious and time-consuming. The organization AODocs provides a robust solution to these issues all while seamlessly integrating with Google Drive. AODocs strengthens your current Google Workspace environment “by adding in the corporate controls, business process automation, and granular permissions it needs to […]