Enterprise-level document collaboration and management in Google Workspace is easy with AODocs

Brian Burchanowski
  • 7 min read

The process of managing documents and creating workflows through Cloud providers can be tedious and time-consuming. The organization AODocs provides a robust solution to these issues all while seamlessly integrating with Google Drive. AODocs strengthens your current Google Workspace environment “by adding in the corporate controls, business process automation, and granular permissions it needs to ensure the security of your company’s intellectual property, further boost productivity with workflow automation and integrate your content-rich processes,” writes Kelly McGurk on AODoc’s blog.

The AODocs integration is designed specifically for collaborating with Google. AODocs team folder and secured folder libraries live within your Drive, looks just like Google Drive with the same interface, and features robust options for you to manage files. Additionally, AODocs allows you to build workflows into Google Drive using document management libraries. There are also Chrome extensions that allow you to open different file types easily or navigate AODocs sharing options from your current screen.

Partnering together: Wursta and AODocs

As part of the Wursta Collaboration Design team, I work with clients to help them navigate through the transition of an ineffective business process to a streamlined workflow. Google Drive and other Google Workspace products provide countless collaboration solutions for teams, but there can still be a lot of manual effort left for employees to work through, specifically when it comes to document management and workflow. We’ve seen success with implementing AODocs to ameliorate this concern.

Creating and managing the workflow process in Documentation Management library can be as simple or as complicated as the business process itself. Partnering with Wursta to execute this process ensures you and your team will be set up for success. We work closely with the AODocs team and are well versed in the nuances of the platform. From reselling to project management to implementation, we’re able to navigate AODocs to best suit your needs.

Customizable document management

AODocs has the flexibility, security, and automation needed to transform business processes. One example we’ve seen for our clients is the use of Documentation Management library. This feature allows users to take their Google Drive documents and apply a workflow to them. Contracts can go through approval stages, which we’ll demonstrate later, and the right people are able to access files at the right time.

The privacy and security level available with AODocs allow users to get granular with who sees what, down to subfolder level. Because documents are owned by your AODocs system and not a specific user, you’re able to get as specific as needed with sharing and permissions. In document management libraries, user roles are predefined and automated, so admins do not have to manage security meticulously. When it comes to document workflow privacy settings, you can manage user roles within AODocs to have a variety of permissions and create roles specific to workflows, for example, Contract Manager or Subject Matter Expert.

Use case: contract review

We’ve set up a workflow for contract validation, something fairly common at B2B organizations.

  1. The document creator starts the process by creating a Google file or uploading a file in the AODocs instance, beginning in the New Contract stage.
    • Note: we’ve set up permissions for the document creator to submit new contracts, view stages, and view comments.
  2. After the contract is drafted, it transitions to the Subject Matter Expert review.
    • Then, there are two options: approve or reject.
    • If rejected, the document is pushed back to the creator, who is notified that the contract hasn’t been approved by the Subject Matter Expert.
    • If approved, the document transitions to the Contract Manager, who has the ability to add a signature, one of the final steps needed to validate the contract.
  3. The Contract Manager can sign and push it to the pending signature review stage.
    • Note: signature validation is easy with apps like DocuSign.
  4. In this stage, we’ve created a toggle switch that we’ll switch on once the document has been fully reviewed and signed.
    • This stage is helpful to review the signature itself.
  5. After the toggle switch has been activated, the contract is validated and the workflow is completed or executed.

If at any step the user of the stage decides to reject the contract, it will return back to the document creator and (based on our workflow setup) need to go through the process again. In the flowchart above, the dotted line shows an automatic transition that occurs if a document is rejected. The solid arrows are only transitioned after an action is taken, like reviewing and approving to the next stage. This is just one example of document validation and how we’ve set up a workflow.

Also, there is a section within any workflow for comments to be added so users can communicate everything about that file workflow in one place. This is helpful if the file type isn’t a Google file, like CAD file, for example. The comment history will always be part of that document in AODocs. If the document in the workflow is a Google file, adding comments directly into the Google file is an easy solution to communicating document-relevant information to your team.

Users are pulled from your Google contacts and other relevant information needed to complete a workflow can be fully customized to create data consistency, like department nomenclature or business region.

Ready to get productive? AODocs is available now

The possibilities are endless when it comes to document management with AODocs. It’s a robust, enterprise system that helps you and your team streamline processes and utilize automation to save time. It’s truly one of a kind as the only other enterprise-level options typically involve custom app creation, which is time-consuming and costly. If you’d like more information about AODocs and how Wursta can partner with you to find the best document collaboration and management solution, let’s connect.