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“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” While there may be debate around this statement, the fact remains that organizations of all kinds need data insights to manage operations. Business intelligence (BI) comes in many forms, such as the ubiquitous spreadsheet people wrestle with to crunch numbers. But more sophisticated tools are available to develop […]

As a cloud consultancy, Wursta helps clients reimagine what their architecture could look like and build the pathway to reach it. Recently, the following three clients have been gracious enough to share the stories of their success working with us to implement cloud solutions that helped drive the growth of their businesses. The Tech + […]

Wursta recently presented a webinar, “Top Ways to Automate your Organization in 2023,” in which we shared automations to help save time and make your work more efficient. You can watch the webinar recording and I’ve covered highlights in this blog. We broke down automation into three key areas: First Things First: On-Boarding & Off-Boarding […]

Bridging the Gap Between Locations & Device Google recognizes that platform interoperability challenges have caused organizations to struggle to connect their conference rooms to customers, partners, or colleagues in different organizations. On October 26, 2022, Google announced efforts to bring Google Meet to more meeting rooms and shared spaces. To help, “bridge the gap between […]

Google Drive is a wonderful collaboration tool that offers many advanced features and functionality. At times, however, there may be a feature you need that is not included. Fortunately, with just a few lines of code, you can automate repetitive tasks, integrate with external APIs and services, and build custom integrations that will save you […]

We’ve rounded up the most innovative updates from Google throughout the year, along with some brief info on how to apply it to your teams.  1. Gmail Layout Earlier in 2022, Google redesigned the Gmail web interface and recently made it the permanent standard for all users. This new layout is organized in a more […]