3 New Stories: Success from a Foundation of Trust

Megan Bozman
  • 7 min read

As a cloud consultancy, Wursta helps clients reimagine what their architecture could look like and build the pathway to reach it. Recently, the following three clients have been gracious enough to share the stories of their success working with us to implement cloud solutions that helped drive the growth of their businesses.

The Tech + The People = Success

Wursta connects with our clients to establish a foundation of trust and understanding from which we can build great solutions with the technologies that fit best.

It takes more than just strong technical knowledge to implement successful cloud solutions, a great technology partner like Wursta works to fully understand the problem your organization is trying to solve so we can guide you to the best possible solutions.  That insight enables Wursta to not only solve your problem, but solve it in an efficient, cost-effective way.

It’s great that we’ve built apps and configured cloud infrastructure, but we’re especially pleased about the positive impact of these solutions on our clients. From improving the quality of life for staff to winning new customers and improving in-store service, we’ve highlighted these wonderful returns for ProTrusee, Nine Line, and Medium Buying.

1. New Custom App Enables ProTrustee to Go to Market & Win Customers

ProTrustee provides a software platform that simplifies, automates, and streamlines fiduciary processes.

New Application Ready to Go to Market

Wursta collaborated with our client to design the look and feel of their new application, then built ProTrustee: a cloud-based fiduciary workflow and compliance tool. The operational tool increases day-to-day efficiencies, helping trustees get tasks done faster. ProTrustee also reduces human error with automated approval processes.

“Wursta’s development team did a great job of understanding my business model, the market, the problem, and the solution,” said J. Brandon Whittington, Founder, CEO.

Technologies to Meet Their Needs

Wursta selected best-of-breed tools to meet ProTrustee’s needs, which included:

  • Serverless backbone ensures the app can scale & alleviates the burden of infrastructure management 
  • Automation with CI/CD, enabling deployment of changes without manual intervention
  • Best-in-class security with built-in authentication through Microsoft and Google 
  • Functionality to meet compliance requirements in the heavily-regulated trust industry

Agile and Responsive to Dynamic Shifts in Priority

Wursta’s agile development enabled the team to rearrange the order as requested, enabling ProTrustee to demonstrate capabilities to prospective new customers, supporting the sales pipeline.

It’s really significant that Wursta took us from nothing to building a product from scratch and we were able to win our first customer. Wursta’s development efforts also helped us get our initial VC funding,” said Mr. Whittington.

At the time of publishing, ProTrustee had recently earned their first customer. We wish them great success in earning many more.

2. Custom Reporting Tool Saves 1,000s Hours, Improves Quality of Life for Medium Buying

Medium Buying specializes in ad planning, buying, and competitive tracking for political, issue, and corporate campaigns. FCC regulations require political ads placed on public airwaves be made public record. Medium Buying had developed a solution for aggregating data and generating the reports that are needed for compliance as well as to support client advertising strategies.

“The tool lacked a strong engine, had limited data crunching capability, and zero automation. It required manual processes and lots of time and energy, which could be miserable for our staff,” explained Dillon Lloyd, Director of Media Buying and Client Management, Medium Buying.

Scalable Solution

Wursta built SmartComm: a scalable, serverless application using a Google App Engine front end, with a Cloud Run back end, leveraging a CloudSQL database. 

Medium Buying receives a variety of ad placement data, then imports it into SmartComm in a process that’s predominantly automated.

Automatic Report Generation

Using SmartComm, Medium Buying generates reports for clients with summaries of their own ad spending and all of their opponents’. The reports contain data visualizations and add vital context to each candidate’s advertising strategy.

Data-Driven Decisions, Faster

“I think clients very much like the new system. Even for us as the buyers, it helps us inform our buying decisions…. SmartComm makes the process easier and more informed.

Mr. Lloyd estimates that SmartComm saves Medium Buying thousands of hours each year. “SmartComm also improves the quality of life of our staff and eliminates human error.”

3. Google Cloud Improved Nine Line’s Infrastructure and Customer Experience

Nine Line Apparel is a United States-based, veteran-owned retail company. 

The SAP HANA Database that handles the ERP and point of sale system is a very sensitive and complex system. The capacity of SAP HANA is customizable, so Nine Line sought to scale up. However, with the system being on-prem, it was limited by hardware capacity. They were unable to take steps to increase capacity such as adding more memory without exceeding their budget.

Migration to Google Cloud 

Wursta was able to fix the server and any system issues by migrating the application server so it’s accessible over a hybrid infrastructure. Wursta migrated VMs and SAP HANA DB and provided remote access to it via IAP as well protected HTTPS external access to the application server via load balancer and a secure Virtual Private Network Tunnel to transfer data from on-prem to GCP.

Additionally, Wursta created a VPN tunnel with its own PRAM with warehouses and Google Cloud, enabling Nine Line to reach the tablets used by employees in the store, and the computers to reach the system in the cloud.

Better Speed, Remote Accessibility, and Cost Savings

The system used to take 15 minutes to access the data from point of sale. The same request now takes two minutes, greatly increasing worker productivity and customer experience. Users now also have remote access and moving to Google Cloud has saved Nine Line over $100,000 in on-premises server costs.