Author: Ashley Lewis

At the end of July, we hosted a webinar which took a deep dive into the common use cases of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and User Endpoint Management for organizations . For the full deep dive of MDM and Endpoint Management, click here for the recording! Has Google Made Any Updates to MDM features? While […]

Google has been updating the way we work for years, most notably with the launch of Google Workspace in 2020. The shift transformed work; giving people access to everything they needed in one central place. That will be even more streamlined with the new, integrated view for Gmail, Meet, Chat, and Spaces. New, integrated view […]

As companies grow, different business units need access to different applications, data, and devices. That level of access can change within departments and roles as well. Monitoring and configuring these permissions is easy with Google’s Context-Aware Access.  What is Context-Aware Access? Context-Aware Access is a Google Workspace feature that allows you to create a set […]

Communicating with teams, departments, and whole organizations can get confusing quickly. If you add users to a message thread manually, you may leave someone out or send something to the wrong person. Google has an easy way to organize communication with Google Groups: an intuitive way to group contacts within your domain. As an organization, […]