Google Visible Changes Summary for 2022

Cait Qualkinbush

Cait Qualkinbush

May 10, 2022

Here is a running summary of the visible changes to Google Workspace in 2022. We will continue to update this list every month so check back often. Contact us with any questions about the new features or how to enable them for your users.

May already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features:

Share your video feed when using Companion mode in Google Meet

  • Can now turn your individual camera on and share video feed when using Companion mode for Meet – gives more representation to meeting participants attending from a meeting room.

Gradual Rollout | 5/3/22 | All

Use new table templates and dropdown chips in Google Docs to create highly collaborative documents

  • Dropdown chips and templates added to Docs – choose from defaults for status or milestones or create custom options.

Gradual Rollout | 5/2/22 | All

April already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features:

Enhanced menus in Google Docs improves findability of key features on desktop

  • Most commonly-used features in Google Docs menus are reorganized to be more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Extended Rollout | 4/26/22 | Scheduled

Quick access to additional actions when composing a message in Google Chat on iOS

  • Additional actions added under the + sign when in chat on iOS: sharing a meet link, creating calendar invite, accessing drive and text formatting.

Extended Rollout | 4/25/22 | All

Set up host controls and assign co-hosts ahead of meetings in Google Calendar

  • Meeting organizers can set up breakout rooms in advance, turn moderation settings on or off, and designate co-hosts before the meeting.

Gradual Rollout | 4/21/22 | All

Join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

  • There is now an icon in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to allow users to join a call and/or present current file to a meeting.

Extended Rollout | 4/12/22 | All

Additional one-click recommended actions in the Alert Center

  • Admins will see one-click recommendations for device wipeout and quarantine email to help remedy incidents requiring these actions more quickly.

Gradual Rollout | 4/12/22 | All

Additional improvements for Google Meet

  • Users will now be prompted to exit meetings when they are the only user attending and host controls are consolidated into a centralized location.

Gradual Rollout | 4/7/22 | Scheduled

New Emoji reactions in Google Docs on web

  • Can now add emoji reactions to text in Google Docs by highlighting text and selecting the reaction button.

Gradual Rollout | 4/5/22 | Scheduled

March already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features:

Compose with markdowns in Google Docs on web

  • Expanded autocorrection support for Markdown syntax in Google Docs can be enabled under Preferences.

Gradual Rollout | 3/29/22 | All

Improved announcements for braille comments and highlights available in Google Docs on web

  • Comments and highlights will be indicated alongside the rest of the text when reading in braille mode on Google Docs.

Full Rollout | 3/29/22 | Rapid

New Google Meet management settings for admins

  • Admins can control access to Chat, Present, Q&A, and Polls features of Google Meet from within the Admin console, rather than just in individual meetings.

Gradual Rollout | 3/25/22 | All

Add attachments to Calendar events from third-party services

  • Files from an third-party service with a Calendar attachment add-on available in GWS Marketplace can now be attached to Calendar events.

Full Rollout | 3/23/22 | All

Enable discovery and sharing of Spaces in Google Chat

  • Spaces can be shared with others via a link rather than having to directly add people to the conversation.

Extended Rollout | 3/22/22 | All

Create externally friendly booking pages with appointment scheduling in Google Calendar

  • New appointment scheduling feature allows external users to schedule meetings, even those without a Google account.

Gradual Rollout | 3/21/22 | Rapid

New email draft template in Google Docs

  • Cell limits in Google Sheets is doubling from 5 million to 10 million cells.

Extended Rollout | 3/15/22 | Scheduled

Intelligent corrections for formulas and functions in Google Sheets

  • When inserting formulas into Sheets, a suggestion box will appear if a different or better formula than what was written is detected.

Extended Rollout | 3/15/22 | All

New email draft template in Google Docs

  • Collaborate within Google Docs on an email draft and export directly into Gmail.

Extended Rollout | 3/14/22 | Scheduled

Google Sheets doubles cell limit

  • Cell limits in Google Sheets is doubling from 5 million to 10 million cells.

Available Immediately | 3/14/22 | N/A

View bandwidth availability and usage during meetings via the Meet quality tool

  • Admins can now use the Meet quality tool to view inbound and outbound bandwidth information—both used and available—for their users.
  • Surfacing this information helps admins visualize participants bandwidth compared to the quality of a call, making it easier for them to determine where a bandwidth bottleneck could be causing low quality.

Available Immediately | 3/1/22 | All

February already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features:

Search chips in Google Drive help refine search results and surface important files faster

  • End users will be able to use search chips inside of Google Drive, making it easier than ever to find the file you are looking for.

Gradual Rollout | 2/15/22 | All

New Features for Smart Canvas in Google Docs and Sheets

  • Google Docs will now have an option to add a summary, create “pageless” docs (easier to collaborate with wide tables and large images), plus formula corrections in Google Sheets.

Extended Rollout | 2/15/22 | Other

Google Voice calls to European calls are now free

  • Google Voice calls from the US to European countries are now free.

Available Immediately | 2/11/22 | All

The future of Currents and the next generation of collaboration in Spaces

  • Currents will be gradually turned down and migrated over to Spaces. New features will be added to Spaces over time to enhance communication and collaboration.

Gradual Rollout | 2/10/22 | N/A

Manage overdue tasks in Google Calendar

  • You can now easily see and manage your overdue tasks in Google Calendar. At the top of the current day, you’ll see an all day entry listing overdue tasks in the past 30 days.

Gradual Rollout | 2/7/22 | Rapid

January already launched Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) features:

New integrated view for Gmail features email, Google Meet, Google Chat and Spaces in one place

  • New navigation menu allows users to easily switch between inbox, chat, and meet all in one space. You can opt-in to this by 2/14/2022

Gradual Rollout | 1/31/22 | Rapid

Warning banners in Google Drive alert users of suspicious files

  • Further enhancement to protect again suspicious or dangerous files in Google Drive. Users will see a Warning banner in Drive when selecting a suspicious document.

Gradual Rollout | 1/20/22 | All

Live translated captions in Google Meet are now generally available

  • English meetings will be Live Captioned translated to Spanish, French, Portugues, and German.

Available Immediately | 1/12/22 | All

Use Companion mode with Google Meet hardware and Nest Hub Max to maximize collaboration during hybrid meetings

  • Companion mode allows users with Google Meet hardware to access interactive features and controls from their personal devices (i.e. chat, screen sharing, hand raising polls, etc.)

Gradual Rollout | 1/13/22 | Rapid

* Rollout pace:

  • Full rollout (1–3 days for feature visibility)
  • Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility)
  • Extended rollout (potentially longer than 15 days for feature visibility)
Cait Qualkinbush

Cait Qualkinbush

May 10, 2022

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