Case Study: Zwift

Zwift Ups Its Security Posture with G Suite Enterprise

As a growing organization, competing with some of the largest names in the fitness industry, the leadership team at Zwift knew their security posture had to be airtight. With the help of Wursta’s expertise, they took advantage of Google’s advanced protections and data loss prevention features as part of their upgrade to G Suite Enterprise.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive market, Zwift needs to keep an innovative edge while continuously adhering to data privacy standards to keep their customer data safe. They needed a partner to help them create a collaborative environment for the Zwift team to thrive while keeping the proper guardrails in place for data protection.

The Solution

Working with Wursta, the Zwift security team was able to identify and implement the necessary security controls in the G Suite admin console. We then partnered to review and configure newly added Enterprise features that put the right controls around their collaboration environment including; 2Factor Authentication and Data Loss Prevention rules for Google Drive.

The Results

Zwift upgraded to G Suite Enterprise to protect user data without sacrificing employee productivity. With these new features in place, Zwift has advanced protections across the entire organization and is in adherence to their security compliance program while still maintaining a highly collaborative work environment.


Security Impacts Identified


High Impact/Risks Mitigated


‘In Compliance’ controls

“Data protection for our customers is off the utmost importance as we grow. Using Google’s new Data Loss Prevention features, we’re able to confidently enable our team to keep innovating at what we do best; creating great personal fitness experiences.”

David Bowden
CISO, Zwift.

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