Improve Knowledge Sharing: The Key to Employee Productivity

Ashley Lewis
  • 7 min read

This summer, we partnered with LumApps to present the webinar “Improve knowledge sharing: the key to employee productivity” to help you find new ways to enable employees to share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise.

About LumApps

“LumApps is the only employee experience platform that engages every employee with ultra-personalized communications, no matter when or where they work.” As an employee experience platform, LumApps helps connect employees in a more personalized way, with a more positive experience, allowing for increase in employee loyalty. Some of the features within the platform include social or interest based community spaces, simplified onboarding workflows, analytics dashboards, and seamless integrations with various collaboration tools such as Google Workspace.

Employee Experience

LumApps defines Employee Experience as “the sum of all the interactions – and the context of those interactions – that employees have across the different touchpoints in their day-to-day work”. Employee Experience is a big focus of this webinar, showing you how changes in employee experience can affect employee productivity, turnover, and overall happiness at the workplace. It is important that you:

  • Find what employees need
  • Stay up to date with employee teams and initiatives
  • Give them a platform to easily share what they know

Watch the full webinar presentation below for a deeper dive into what Employee Experience means for productivity in your organization.

How Can Wursta help?

Wursta’s mission is to help organizations maximize their use of technology. Whether it be Google Workspace, Google Cloud, or even increasing employee productivity with LumApps. Wursta has partnered with LumApps to provide you the best platforms to elevate employee experience at your organization. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help improve knowledge sharing within your org.