Region: USA

Mike’s Rent to Own engaged Wursta to migrated 200 GB email data from Rackspace to Google Workspace and provide change management.

For media buying, Wursta created a custom app to aggregate political campaign spending data, migrating from a legacy system and integrating third-party data feeds.

Wursta built a solution from the ground up encompassing infrastructure setup, code implementation for software buildout, and the transition to a new development team.

Wursta migrated VMs and SAP HANA DB, enabling remote access through IAP, secure HTTPS external access via a load balancer for the application server, and a protected VPN tunnel for on-prem to GCP data transfer.

With Wursta’s support, Holy Name Medical Center shifted from Lotus Notes to Google Workspace, improving collaboration for thousands of employees, both at computers and in patient care.

Frannet streamlined collaboration, cut SaaS costs, and bolstered control by adopting Google Workspace, resulting in reduced complexity, enhanced security.