We be jammin’ no more in late 2024

Natalie Willis
  • 7 min read

Google Jamboard devices and the Jamboard whiteboarding app end of life is coming in late 2024.

Google has announced that the Google Jamboard whiteboard device will reach its end of life effective October  1, 2024. Along with the device’s end of life, the Jamboard app and use of Jamboard on the web, iOS and Android will also no longer be available effective December 31, 2024. 

How are you impacted?

Jamboard device users

If you have a Jamboard device, and pay for the annual license to manage the Jamboard via the Admin Console, you will be impacted in the following ways:

  • License proration – Your upcoming license renewals will be prorated to end on September 30, 2024
  • Event log data deleted – To retain admin reporting data, back up Jamboard device event logs before September 30, 2024
  • Admin settings removed – You will lose access to manage Jamboards from the Admin Console after September 30, 2024
  • Auto Update Expiration (AUE) – Your Jamboard device will no longer receive security or feature updates on October 1, 2024
  • Unlicensed mode – You cannot open or save a jam or access Meet from the Jamboard starting October 1, 2024
  • Offline use – You can ensure your device is up-to-date before September 30, 2024 to use it in offline mode without features like save to Google Drive, the AI drawing tool or anything that requires internet access
  • Alternative use – You can use the device as an extended display for other devices via HDMI cable after October 1, 2024

Jamboard web & mobile app users

If you use Jamboard from jamboard.google.com on a web browser or from the Jamboard app on your iOS or Android device, you will be impacted in the following ways:

  • View only mode – You cannot create or edit jams from the web or from your mobile devices starting October 1, 2024
  • Back up – To retain your Jam files as PDF or PNG, export them before they are permanently deleted on December 31, 2024
  • Jam files deleted –  You will no longer have access to Jam files after December 31, 2024

What should you do now?

Admins with Jamboard devices or users will receive more details and reminders via email. Google will provide users and admins a clear path in the coming months on how to retain Jamboard data or migrate it to FigJam, Lucidspark or Miro. Subscribe to the Workspace Updates blog and keep an eye out for updates to this Admin Help Center article to stay informed. 

Earlier this year, Wursta advised that Google Jamboard hardware was approaching end of life, and encouraged customers to consider the Avocor Series One Board 65 to elevate their whiteboard experience. The Series One Board 65 brings teams together for meetings and collaboration in an all-in-one solution. Instead of an annual Jamboard device management license, the Board 65 uses a Google Meet hardware license for admins to manage the device via the admin console similar to other Meet video conferencing equipment.

Contact your Wursta account manager or connect with us here to discuss Avocor and other alternative solutions available from Wursta via our technology partners.