Author: Natalie Willis

Gemini for Google Workspace Change Management Services

Have you heard about Gemini for Google Workspace? Are you struggling to figure out how to introduce it successfully to your teams, how to measure the success of the rollout and how to reach faster adoption and improved ROI? As always, Wursta has the expert resources to help you implement Gemini for Google Workspace with […]

Here at Wursta, we thrive on fine-tuning processes and improving operating procedures. We believe that taking manual work off your shoulders is freeing. After all, less time spent on time-consuming tasks leaves more time for strategic planning, driving initiatives forward and improving operational flow.   When someone leaves your company, do you work through the usual […]

Google Drive is constantly changing with improvements so users can easily navigate through files and share documents appropriately. The simplicity and security of Google Drive are why we love using it. Now, Google is simplifying the shortcuts feature by migrating Google Drive files that are in multiple locations to shortcuts. The original Google Drive shortcut: […]

Organizations are empowered to use a single sign on (SSO) solution as their identity and security source-of-truth for all systems and applications. It is unrealistic to assume, however, that every account within the environment requires SSO. So FINALLY, here comes partial SSO to save the day! Google’s new SAML Partial SSO feature is here to […]