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With companies operating remotely, customer experience over the phone is incredibly important. In fact, “68% of respondents are more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communications” according to a study from December 2020. How do you keep customers engaged and satisfied when they call your company? Google has been working on this […]

Salesforce can be intimidating to the beginning administrator. Let’s say you’re setting up your Support system, and you want to configure Salesforce to send emails when certain conditions are met on your Cases. One might go to the Setup console, expand the Email tab and be confronted with no fewer than 19 nested items, one […]

Overview of this series: Upload to the Chrome Web Store In order to deploy this extension to our domain, we first upload it to the Chrome Web Store. It is important to understand that by putting it into the store, we can still keep the extension private or unlisted. This is useful for company specific […]