A win-win: How conversational AI helps you and your customers

David Moore
  • 7 min read

With companies operating remotely, customer experience over the phone is incredibly important. In fact, “68% of respondents are more likely to buy from a business that offers convenient communications” according to a study from December 2020. How do you keep customers engaged and satisfied when they call your company?

Google has been working on this issue for years and their Contact Center AI is the solution.

Re-defining the possibilities of AI-powered conversations with Google

Google’s Contact Center AI uses four elements to create the best possible experience for your customers over the phone. Virtual Agent, Agent, Assist, and Insights work to support your customer, while Conversational Core holds everything together.

Conversational Core: Think of this as the brain of the machine, connecting all the moving parts and using a deep-learning neural network API to provide a consistent customer experience.

Virtual Agent: This processes the conversation, from speech to text and back, interacting with the customer. This is where Dialogflow will come in: natural language understanding. No matter what accent or speech pattern your user speaks with, Virtual Agent can understand.

Agent Assist: Let’s say your Virtual Agent is unable to help your user or detects a negative sentiment in the user’s tone. Agent Assist works quickly to connect the user to an actual person. Before it gets someone on the phone, it sends the agent a transcript of the call and suggests articles or tips that help solve the user’s issue. Now the agent is fully prepared to tackle whatever situation the user is facing without wasting time repeating questions.

Insights: After a call is complete, all data and sentiment about the call are stored in a live dashboard. Your management team can review information about every call. Was it well received? How many calls are coming in lately? Why are people calling? Answer these questions and more by analyzing your insights.

See Contact Center AI in action

From the video, you’ll see how seamlessly the Virtual Agent transfers the call to an actual person. And then how satisfied the customer is with the whole experience, despite noticing a withdrawal on her account, something that would not normally leave a customer happy.

Any company that has customers calling them should utilize Contact Center AI (CC AI) and machine learning. However, we’ve seen organizations in financial services, hospitality, medicine, retail, and government benefit the most from CC AI.

Let’s implement a more efficient system at your organization together

On Thursday, March 4 we hosted a free training lab through Google’s Cloud Study Jam, a program that hosts hands-on technical labs.

Our session, Design Conversational Flows for your Agent, helped you to get started with Contact Center AI and Dialogflow. No previous experience or extra hardware was needed, just you and your computer. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, download Google’s eBook on Conversational AI to learn more or contact us to see how we can help your organization streamline customer service.