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Here at Wursta, we thrive on fine-tuning processes and improving operating procedures. We believe that taking manual work off your shoulders is freeing. After all, less time spent on time-consuming tasks leaves more time for strategic planning, driving initiatives forward and improving operational flow.   When someone leaves your company, do you work through the usual […]

Wursta recently presented a webinar, “Top Ways to Automate your Organization in 2023,” in which we shared automations to help save time and make your work more efficient. You can watch the webinar recording and I’ve covered highlights in this blog. We broke down automation into three key areas: First Things First: On-Boarding & Off-Boarding […]

Google Drive is a wonderful collaboration tool that offers many advanced features and functionality. At times, however, there may be a feature you need that is not included. Fortunately, with just a few lines of code, you can automate repetitive tasks, integrate with external APIs and services, and build custom integrations that will save you […]

At the end of August, we hosted a webinar which took a deep dive into the common use cases of Apps Script with Google Workspace for organizations. For the full demo of Apps Script use cases, click here for the recording! What is Apps Script? While Google is always making changes, there hasn’t been a […]

Google’s AppSheet is a no-code platform helping businesses automate processes that would otherwise be time-consuming and manual. With AppSheet, you can enable innovation anywhere by creating fast, iterative, applications and driving innovation in a secured and controlled way.  How to create a simple app using AppSheet: employee skills directory  The app we demonstrated in our […]

Google’s AppSheet is a no-code platform to help you build applications for your unique business needs. With AppSheet, you can enable innovation anywhere. Organizations use AppSheet to make fast, iterative, applications and drive innovation in a secured and controlled way without coding experience. Watch our live demo of AppSheet from May 17 We hosted a […]