Wursta’s 3E Framework: Our Roadmap to a Successful Gemini for Workspace Rollout

Natalie Willis
  • 7 min read
Wursta's 3E Framework

While new technology usually improves productivity and efficiency, users face a learning curve and need time to adjust. Successful technology transformations require just as much, if not more, effort on the people side. A structured and dedicated focus on change management is vital to a successful launch, which is why Wursta has developed our 3E method to explore, evaluate and embed the Gemini for Workspace solution.

By partnering with Wursta on your Gemini journey – from exploration and evaluation to embedding the tool into existing workflows – you’ll be set up for long-term success with Gemini. Wursta’s 3E Framework, is designed to ensure you maximize the value of Gemini for Workspace by taking the following steps

  1. Explore without boundaries
  2. Evaluation in production
  3. Embed for continuous innovation and ongoing success

Wursta’s 3E Framework is our roadmap to a successful Gemini for Workspace rollout. Our proven methodology to Gemini for Workspace success lies ahead…

Step 1: Explore without Boundaries

The best place to start with Gemini is to run a lab with the sole purpose of exploring Gemini! Our Discovery Lab is the gateway to unlocking the potential of Gemini for Google Workspace. During Wursta’s Gemini Discovery Lab, participants will receive sandbox accounts to simulate real-world conditions through guided exercises without impacting a live environment.

Designed to provide companies with a hands-on evaluation experience, our service offers a comprehensive introduction to AI and Gemini features, coupled with guided hands-on test cases in a sandbox environment. Through interactive sessions, guided exercises, and personalized support, participants are encouraged to explore how Gemini can be used to realize time savings and qualitative improvements in work output. The Discovery Lab is a half-day event, hosted onsite or virtually. 

Step 2: Evaluate in Production

Now that you’ve completed your exploration and identified areas where Gemini aligns well with your needs, it is time to fire up a trial to experience its capabilities firsthand. During the trial period, Gemini licenses are assigned to trusted testers who can begin using Gemini to improve or expedite their day-to-day workflows. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Gemini’s potential within your org, we recommend expanding the trial to include additional employees beyond the Discovery Lab participants. This approach allows you to identify additional key use cases and benefits (or challenges) that weren’t uncovered during the Lab.

Depending on your business needs, Wursta offers two trial service programs: Express Pilot and Guided Evaluation. Time flies when you’re having fun, so we like to suggest the Guided Evaluation option which allows more time and more services to support a thorough test-drive of Gemini. The Guided Evaluation also provides a Gemini Roadmap with an Executive Summary of the evaluation results, including usage data and participant feedback, which is crucial to making informed decisions about a Gemini for Workspace rollout.

Read on to get the scoop on each offering.

Express Pilot

The Gemini Express Pilot does more than simply introduce a new technology. With this program, your team’s success through technology is the priority. You’ll receive a tailored plan to guide easy adoption, data to measure the impact on your people, and expert recommendations to ensure Gemini supports your organization in the long-term.

Guided Evaluation

Wursta’s Guided Evaluation expands upon the Express Pilot by providing additional customization and increased engagement with Wursta’s Gemini experts. The Guided Evaluation service ensures your team maximizes the benefits of Gemini. Partner with us for a customized Gemini implementation plan, tailored to complement your team’s existing workflows.

Step 3: Embed for Continuous Innovation and Ongoing Success

After giving Gemini a test-drive, you’re now well-informed to make a decision about who will benefit the most from generative AI in the long run. Our Gemini Deployment service ensures a structured and people-focused launch of Gemini, increasing time to value and expanding knowledge of Gemini across all relevant departments. Additionally, we will work with your IT team to apply the appropriate admin settings, assign Gemini licenses, and integrate AI Data Classification into your existing data loss prevention policies (if applicable).

By partnering with Wursta on your Gemini journey, you’re set up for success for the long-run with Gemini. Taking the steps in our 3E Framework, you’ll maximize the value of Gemini for Workspace with the following benefits:

  • Smooth Implementation: Our structured, customized plan eliminates the uncertainties of deploying a new AI tool.
  • Expert Guidance: Minimize end user hurdles and optimize use with help from our seasoned Gemini specialists.
  • Accelerated Adoption: Comprehensive training and targeted communication drive rapid user uptake and enthusiasm.
  • Faster Time-to-Value: Realize Gemini’s productivity and collaboration benefits sooner with our streamlined approach.

Connect with us to inquire about Google funding opportunities that may reduce or eliminate the cost of your Discovery Lab, Express Pilot, Guided Evaluation and Gemini Deployment.