Top 6 Ways to Save Money with Google Workspace

Patrick Della Peruta
  • 7 min read

Migrating to Google Workspace brings numerous advantages, from better collaboration to improved security. But too many organizations are not making full use of all the functionality that they’re paying for- therefore leaving money on the table. We’ll walk you through the top 6 ways you can save.

1. Standardize Storage Systems

Many organizations subscribe to Google Workspace, while continuing to use other systems such as Box and Dropbox. With Google Workspace, you have access to tools such as Google Drive, which delivers all the functionality of Box for zero added cost. Continuing to use Box is an unnecessary additional expense, while failing to use functionality you’re already paying for.

When it comes to features, Google Workspace versus Box is much like comparing a set of tires to an entire car- the former accomplishes only a small subset of the latter. Still, there are a few ways Google wins in a head-to-head showdown. For example, Box has a maximum file size upload limit of 150 GB, compared to Google Drive’s 5TB. Google also delivers a higher maximum file sync limit per day.

2. Consolidate Collaboration Platforms

I remain perplexed at the choice to call a productivity tool, “Slack.” Despite the misnomer, it remains a popular app. However, all of the cool chat functionality most people use Slack for is already present in Google Workspace at no additional cost.

While Slack currently has more integrations with third-party tools than Google Chat, the raw totals are completely irrelevant if you have everything you need inside Google, or integration is available for the specific tools you need to integrate. Additional integrations aren’t an advantage for Slack if they’re all superfluous apps you’ll never use.

3. Stop Spam & Save

Google Workspace also has spam-filtering capabilities you can leverage and eliminate redundant tools such as Proofpoint and Mimecast. The challenges and cybersecurity threats faced by modern businesses are very well addressed by Google Workspace. Some of the strongest mitigations are easy to implement and may not even result in any additional costs, such as Google’s 2-Step Authentication.

Still, cybersecurity plans must be multipronged. One tool Wursta recommends is KnowBe4, the world’s first and largest new-school security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. As an official KnowBe4 partner, Wursta can support your phishing and training campaigns.

4. Positive Productivity Gains with Convenient Automation

Not only will fully standardizing on Google Workspace save you money, it also has great potential to increase productivity. Sure, copy/pasting a Zoom link into a meeting notice doesn’t seem to take long, but minutes add up.

Additionally, the integrated functionality of Google Workspace brings numerous conveniences such as:

  • Automatic inclusion of Google Meet link when creating a meeting notice 
  • When sharing a document via chat or email, Google automatically reviews document permissions and prompts you to update, if needed
  • Automatically alerting a person you tag within a document to assign a follow-up task

5. Reduce Risks with Centralized Management

Eliminating unnecessary business apps also eliminates the need to manage those apps. SaaS operations tasks, such as onboarding and offboarding users, take time for IT pros. Particularly for data storage, shortcomings in governance can lead to security risks since files containing sensitive data could be shared externally.

Consolidation enables administrators to control these access points in one place, instead of engaging in a tedious copy/paste with endless spreadsheets to manage every user account spanning an excess of apps.

6. Merge Management of Endpoints

With workers frequently accessing company data and email from phones and tablets, mobile device management (MDM) is vital. Without security standards, organizations could be faced with hundreds of roving attack vectors.

Google Workspace includes MDM functionality such as endpoint management. You can require screen locks and strong passwords and erase confidential data with device wipe or selective account wipe for Android and iOS, as well as block access to specific Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and MacOS sessions. And do it all from your Admin console without paying for another disparate app.

Make Google Workspace Work for your Organization

Wursta offers both migration and onboarding, as well as optimization services for Google Workspace. Optimization starts with understanding your business initiatives and assessing your current configuration to identify areas for improvement. Let us help you get the most from your investment in Google Workspace.